Camping Kitchen


We LOVE camping.  One of the things that help to make camping easier is a camp kitchen.  Through the years, we looked at various types of camp kitchens, none of  which met our requirements:

  • it must be able to fit through our caravan door
  • it should not be too heavy so that two people can easily carry it
  • it should serve as a container/storage for the items that will be used with the camp kitchen

We decided to design our own camp kitchen and used Google Sketchup to design the kitchen.











Camp kitchen ready to be stored










Camp Kitchen fully expanded and ready for use.  The front of the shelves’s rods which prevents items from falling out is not shown in the sketch


It has a two plate gas stove, pots, pans and a kettle, cleaning and dishwashing equipment as well as other accessories and shelves for smaller things like spices, tea, coffee, sugar, etc.  When the camp kitchen is packed up and ready for storage, the measurements are 500 x 700 x 660 mm. The kitchen is made of 6mm plywood.

The following photos demonstrate how easy it is to setup the camp kitchen.










Packed up kitchen


Once it is in place where it will be used, undo the clip of the front door and swing it open.










Front door open


Undo the clip of the top and swing it open. This forms the tabletop. The leg of the tabletop is attached to bottom of the tabletop. Clip the tabletop onto the front door. Attach a gas bottle to the stove and you are set.


All setup


Happy camping! 🙂